Thursday, March 12, 2015

B2B marketing podcast featuring Jim Williams, VP at Influitive


Jim Williams is the VP of Marketing at Influitive 

Influitive is an emerging software company in the advocate marketing space. Jim Williams oversees marketing strategy, advocacy marketing, demand generation, content marketing, product marketing, social media and public relations. In this b2b marketing podcast he talks about what's helping Influitive drive 400% year over year revenue growth.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SLIDESHARE: Innovative Content Marketing From B2B Brands

I recently asked several marketing professionals in my network the following question: Is there a brand that you would consider an innovator or leader when it comes to their B2B content marketing? The growth of B2B Content Marketing keeps growing and with growth comes the need to differentiate and innovate in order to garner attention through the noise. Dozens of case studies, polls, statistics and white papers prove that B2B Content Marketing drives engagement, trust and conversions. Some of the brands that popped up frequently as I surveyed these marketing professionals were: Hubspot, UPS, American Express, Salesforce, GE, IBM, LinkedIn. All the B2B brands that the marketing professionals mentioned below share one thing in common. The brands are able to illicit an emotional connection, provide relevancy and have an overall “WOW Factor” that make their content marketing pop and stand out from the masses. Brands that are able to be innovative and creative with their content marketing will have a higher probability of success with their campaigns. The various B2B brands mentioned by the 21 marketing professionals below are sharing and producing the most innovative content…but what exactly is innovative content? 

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