Sunday, December 9, 2012

Video is the Key to Success - Guest Post by Sas Digital

Video Is The Key To Success


The video in the following email generated over 100 clicks!

The phone rang non-stop plus the agent received numerous emails.

Just include a video icon!


Email Video Marketing works.

We had seen the data and grasped that video is an engaging and powerful medium 
for any business or organization!

It’s clear that video is making an impact.

Online retailer 
Zappos claims  a 6–30% increase in conversions on product pages that have videos!

Let us shoot a FREE video for you and develop an email featuring it. 

Video has a great impact when used in Facebook, or any social media plus it can be a key component on your web site.

For more great tips on digital marketing join the Florida Digital Marketing Group on Facebook!

STAR LOFTS  on Biscayne Bay - Direct Bay Views
2 Story Dream Condo
720 NE 25th St., Unit #702
Miami, FL 33137
better living room
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a video icon

Perfectly located near Midtown/Wynwood and Downtown Miami

2/2/1 boutique loft. Expansive master bedroom encompasses entire 2nd floor.

Flowing floor plan designed for comfort, relaxation & entertaining.

Walking distance to trendy Midtown, American Airlines Arena, Arsht Center & Wynwood.

Metropolitan lifestyle in a ZEN environment. Walk to shops, cafes,
entertainment & activities. Heated pool, fitness, sun deck. 

Live the fun life or rent it out for investment income.

Price: $620,000

MLS # A1701525

Rita croppedRita Steinfeld-Regev,P.A.

Broker Associate


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Smart Strategies for an Effective Website

You Are Your Website! 


Your web site sets the image people form about your business in a New York minute!

Your website should embody the character and personality of your organization!

Think of your website as your online storefront window, keeping in mind that
customers may visit you online even stepping foot in your business or meeting you!

This means your website should have the same attention to detail as your physical space/office, it should feel like your brand and contain important information. 

Believe it or not, the success of a website is decided to a great extent even before
it is made live. The selection of a right domain name is important. A domain name
should be easy, short, relevant, suggestive, and unique and must be carefully selected
after a comprehensive analysis of the market and competition. The domain name should include at least 1 key word used to search for your business/organization.

It is very important to decide what action you want the visitor to take, when they come

to your web site.
  • Don't design a digital brochure
  • If you want someone to shop - make an offer on the home page
  • If you want to stay in touch with the visitor offer them an email sign up, phone number, on line appointment service or joining you on social media
  • Introduce your business, new product or service with a video. If a picture is "worth a thousand words", a video will captivate your audience
  • Place your important information "above the fold", visitors don't scroll
  • Update your web site often with new copy, videos and images
  • Include key wordsHere are site & pages we have developed.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Free Email Designs for Miami Businesses

 Digital Clients Are Moving Forward
Email provides a superb opportunity to build awareness and grow your business. 

We are offering a free email design. 
Contact me and lets design your FREE email and turbo-charge your business.

Review our current work:

Contact us and learn how you can have a custom "mini-web site" for $700 & free hosting!



Thursday, July 5, 2012

Get More Out Of Your Social Media

Here are recommendations to help you develop a successful social media program:

  1. Be consistent.  While it may seem intuitive, consistency across social channels in a few key areas can significantly enhance how authoritative your social channels become. 
  2. Write unique content: While it may seem much easier to simply copy and paste your social messages across the various channels, this adds little value to the respective channels. Duplicate content is recognized by search engine crawlers, and does not help enhance your social authority. From a user’s perspective, there is no reason to follow, like, and join your circle if they can do only one of these to receive all of the information that you may be sharing. Change up your message a bit to speak to your unique audience, as they differ from Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.
  3. Share your own content: If you add additional content to your website, are offering a promotion, or would like to highlight a unique selling point of your company, share these links on your social channels. Not only does this reach your audience that are already engaged with you, but it also creates citations to this content and builds the authority of the host of this content. Build your website’s authority and reach your audience in one easy step!
  4. Share content of others: Become a recognized player in your industry or in your local areas by networking and monitoring the power social users that are most relevant to you. If you would network or partner with them in person, do this online as well by visiting their social channels and sharing, retweeting, @mentioning, or connecting in any other way. Not only can you leverage the mutual relevancy in content, but also take advantage of having similar target audiences based on your local market.
  5. Share your media from one channel on the other (when appropriate): While it is important to keep the media on your social channels fresh, you can help build how well these channels work together by sharing between them. For instance, if you want to share a video on Facebook and Twitter, upload it onto your YouTube channel and share this link. Additionally, if you want to add images to your Pinboard on Pinterest, upload them to Flickr and pin them to your Pinterest account from here. This will create an authorship tag on the images being pinned that links back to your Flickr gallery. By sharing media hosted in one channel, you are building the authority and reach of these social channels, ensuring that they are working with one another and maximizing their value.
We know Google is influenced by social signals. How many people are tweeting, liking, pinning, subscribing, and ‘plus one-ing’ your content can have a significant impact on your search engine results pages (SERPs).

By following the five recommendations above, you will build your company's audience and maximize its online brand value quickly.
Source: Scott Shabot

Friday, June 29, 2012

Social Media Consultant and Speaker

Looking for a social media consultant or social media speaker? Check out this short video below highlighting one of Miami's top social media trainers. In the video is only a short list of the engagements that he has done this year. For more information visit: Social Media Speaker Website If you represent a college or a university you should also check out Social Media for Students.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Keep it Simple Stupid

Having so many options in digital strategy & execution often means we falsely confuse the richness of a program or campaign with complexity, & in doing so lose the focus that will help us move our business goals forward.

Simple in most things is usually better, and digital strategy is no exception. Apply the KISS Principle!

The rule of three is a good one too. If a digital element does not satisfy one (or more) of these three primary goals then you should strongly question why it is included in your plan.
  • Selling something or moving the user closer to the sale.
  • Building something or creating future opportunities with that user including building trust or engagement and growing remarketing platforms.
  • Learning something, gaining insights, or testing an approach or hypothesis

What We Do!
  • Sell With Google Ads
  • Create a custom web site, don't use a cookie cutter inexpensive solution.
  • Your web site sets the tone & builds your brand identity - make sure it is world class!
  • Custom web site options:
  • 20 page WordPress site with a Content Management System (CMS)- $2,500.
  • 20 page HTML site without CMS - $1,800 
  • 5 page HTML mini-web site $600
See our sites in action! 
Every day the Internet & digital marketing plays a greater role in everyone's business success.

Learn how to drive traffic & sales with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!

Be sure you are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities the Internet provides you!

Make your marketing great!

Contact Scott Shabot at SAS Digital

Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 Goals To For Your Social Media Efforts

6 Goals To For Your Social Media Efforts

In just a short time, social media has become a fascinating mainstay in our lives. Popular platforms have rapidly grown to hundreds of millions of users, and the adoption of social media platforms has no end in sight. 
This social media “revolution” has changed the traditional business monologue into a two-way dialogue with customers and prospects. 
Social media:
  • Allows companies & brands to learn more about their target audience easier and for less cost.
  • Levels the playing field, now you can have a better social media program then a Fortune 500 company.
  • Provides cost-effective communications in comparison to traditional marketing avenues. 
  • Emphasizes great content, allowing companies to attract fans, followers and new customers based on their services, products and how they present themselves.
  • Leverages the importance, value and relevancy of real time, immediate communications.
  • Generates more exposure and potential for awareness compared to other marketing programs due to its "viral" nature.
What this means is that if you embrace social media channels to reach customers and prospects the potential for business growth is limitless. 
There are 6 social media goals you should shoot for!
2. Making Customer Service Personal with Social Media 
3. Adding Events to Social Media Programs 
4. Adding Social Media to Product Introductions 
5. Embracing Social Media to Build Your Sales Pipeline 
6. Activating Your Community to Take Action
If you would like to meet and discuss how to use social media to build your business and discuss a tactical overview of your social media potential please contact me.

Best social media moves!


Source: Scott Shabot

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miami Heat Memes

Miami Heat Meme - Good Job Good Effort
Good Job is Wade, Good Effort is Lebron
Check out these hilarious MIAMI HEAT MEMES

Are you rooting for the Heat? Do you think they can take on the Celtics? It's looking really tough right now and they might not be able to pull a victory. But at least we'll be able to have a good laugh about this a couple of years later. Will Lebron stay? Will Wade be traded? Will Bosh get a part in Jurassic Park?

We might never know! But what we do know is that they are the funniest Miami Heat Memes that we've seen this week. If there was an Eastern Conference Meme Finals then the Heat would definitely sweep it. You can put a ring on it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Tips for Better Facebook Ad Performance

Advertisers no longer question, (accept GM), “should I run Facebook ads?” But instead they ask, “How can I run successful Facebook ads?” As advertisers experiment with Facebook ads, here are some proven techniques to improve ad performance:
1) Take Advantage of Targeting by Gender or Location Use all targeting options available to you – this will control costs Targeted ads will help you evaluate results as well as improve conversions
2) Refresh Facebook Ad Creatives 2-3 Times Per Week Ad Fatigue occurs much faster on Facebook vs. other paid channels Refreshing your ad will increase clicks and bring new users to your landing page
Figure 1: clicks have declined over a period of 2 weeks due to ad fatigue

3) Keep Your Ad Creatives Simple Make sure your ad is easy to read with simple language. Do not try to fit every detail into the ad – just the most compelling aspects of your product or special Use Facebook language-such as “like”, “fans”, and “comment” to encourage engagement with your ads

4) Landing pages Your ad should direct users to the most relevant landing page. Make sure to include the specific information that you mentioned in the ad for an increase in conversions

5) Evaluate your campaign performance Use Facebook and Google Analytics to track and evaluate your campaign performance Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is a particularly good indicator of how well your ads are doing We have extensive experience and can help you create a Facebook campaign that will drive awareness and generate sales. Imagine if your page had 5,000+ people following it and how you could grow your business by posting for FREE!

Do you need help with your Facebook Ads. Click Here!

Also check out or new blog post about Miami's Newest Public Speakers Bureau

Monday, May 21, 2012

Are You Pinteresting? 6 Points to Remember

Although Pinterest is two years old, it leapt to popularity this year as people flocked to the site and the media took notice. Meanwhile, many figured out that Pinterest pin boards mean publicity and, in some cases, dollars.

But there are probably a few things you still don’t know about the new social media darling, such as:

1. Mostly female users, but …

Pinterest has a reputation for its mostly female population, and for the most part it’s true. However, it’s not as skewed as you might think. While one study said the site is almost 90 percent women,another study showed that the percentages were closer to 70 percent women, 30 percent men. It’s not 50/50, but there are still a number of men visiting the site. It shows there’s definitely a huge market on Pinterest.

2. Time on site is loooong

Facebook has the market cornered on visits, but there’s one area where Pinterest has it beat: time spent on the site. The average Facebook user spends 12 minutes checking out what their friends are doing. On Pinterest, it’s up to almost 16 minutes, just behind YouTube at 16.5 minutes. Part of the reason for Pinterest long time on site is likely due to the ease of its mobile version, where you can just scroll … and scroll … and scroll …

3. Growth from the Midwest

While we normally associate tech growth with an area such as California or New York, Pinterest’s growth can be attributed to the Midwest. From there it swiftly spread to across the country. Goes to show that if you capture the Heartland, you’ve got the nation’s heart.

4. It actively discourages self promotion

Businesses looking to send traffic to their stores and websites are faced with a problem: Pinterest etiquette dictates that users don’t self-promote. As a result, it’s forced many businesses to return to the drawing board and determine how to shift people from Pinterest to the checkout line without crossing the imaginary promotion border. The key is to keep it simple, light, and fun, just like the website itself.

5. It’s No. 3

Pinterest is now the third most popular social media site on the Internet, behind Facebook and Twitter. Not No. 3 among women, or No. 3 with Etsy sellers—it’s No. 3 overall. In March alone, when the site’s meteoric rise began to plateau, it still boasted more than 104 million visitors, with Twitter getting 182 million and LinkedIn coming in at No. 4 with 86 million.

6. You cannot pin from the iPhone app

The Pinterest iPhone app only allows you to view the boards, you cannot pin. However the paid app for iPads does allow you to pin. Pins look super on the iPad with its great screen.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Internship Position at The NACUSA-Southeast Chapter

Internship Position:
~ Marketing/Public Relations student who is driven, self motivated, creative, easy to
work with, team player, able to follow tasks and present new ideas
~ Experience with social media websites (facebook, twitter, etc.)
~ Networking
~ Promotional experience, creative with adobe illustrator or programs alike, flyers, etc.
~ Raise awareness of our organization
Contact Person:
Usama Issa
Ph: 786-853-0207
NACUSA SOUTHEAST CHAPTER, Marketing and PR Coordinator
Resume and letter of application must be submitted to both emails listed below:
"NACUSA-SOUTHEAST CHAPTER will promote the composition and performance of
Contemporary Classical Music by composers in the region. The chapter also aims to create, educate,
promote and strengthen audiences for the best appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of
Contemporary Classical Music. The SouthEast Chapter serves South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama,
Florida and Puerto Rico and was founded in 2009 by its current president Sylvia Constantinidis."
NACUSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded by Henry Hadley in 1933, it is one of the
oldest organizations devoted to the promotion and performance of American concert hall music.
Many of America's most distinguished composers have been among its members. NACUSA presents
several chamber concerts each year that feature music by its members.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Yes I Am Quite Pinteresting

Experian Hitwise finds Pinterest is the new No. 3 social site on the web (total visitors), just slightly ahead of LinkedIn.

Massive growth and popularity prove Pinterest is a wise avenue for your marketing efforts.

But how do you use it?

Pinterest: A Guide for Marketers

One of the first things you need to understand about Pinterest is what the heck it is. The site is “A content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pin board.”

Pinterest allows users to create customized themed boards to pin their images, video and other objects to. The board and theme are as creative as the individual and for marketers this can be ripe ground for our talent.


Hitwise classifies Pinterest users into three categories:

Boomers & Boomerangs: Boomers and Boomerangs are a contemporary consumer segment consisting of baby boomer-aged parents and their grown-up children living under the same roof. In these upscale households, most of the parents are in their 50s and early 60s while most of their children are teenagers and young adults in their 20s.
Babies & Bliss: Babies and Bliss represent the premier lifestyle for large families in America. With a majority of households containing at least five people, this segment is a haven for large broods living in new suburban subdivisions. Parents in this segment tend to be in their 30s and 40s.
Families Matter Most: A fast-growing segment, Families Matter Most consists of young, middle-class families in suburban locations leading active, family-focused lives. Nine out of 10 households have kids (nearly two-thirds have multiple kids).
As far as gender goes, a large percentage of the users on Pinterest are women. Google Ad planner shows Pinterest with an 80 percent female and 20 percent male demographic, ages primarily 25-44. The site caters to their interests so there’s no surprise there.

Men, however, are slowly migrating to the site and finding interest in their own ways. Sports teams have even created Pinterest boards for their male audience.


There are many benefits to using this new social networking site for marketing a brand. Just like any other social site, brands stand a chance to reap the rewards of reaching more customers, driving more traffic, and selling more products.


According to Shareaholic, Pinterest sent more referral traffic to websites than Twitter did in February this year. The site still doesn’t beat out StumbleUpon as a referral traffic source, but is slowly climbing the ranks becoming a contender.

Over the summer, Pinterest became the top social media referrer for and The site is sending more referral traffic than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Cooking Light magazine’s website shows Pinterest as the second highest traffic referrer behind Google. The most popular topics that seem to drive traffic are in the wedding, arts and crafts, culinary, d├ęcor, design, and fashion industries.


For Etsy store owners, Pinterest has proved to be a boon to their success. The site caters to the creative and interesting, the unique.

Users are encouraged to share the prices of items in their pins, by placing a “$” prefix before the price. Attractive prices can certainly garner a click through and potential purchase.

While we certainly don’t recommend promoting the heck out of your products, adding boards to showcase your products that in turn can help sell them is a good idea.


If people love your products, there’s a good chance you’ve already debuted on Pinterest. Here’s a trick: Check for yourself by going to to see the users pinning your photos. You may find that customers pin many photos, have photos that get re-pinned or liked, and even have some Pinterest followers comment on their pins. These are all opportunities a brand’s name is spread and the reach is expanded.

Marketing on Pinterest: Quick Tips

Legalities: One of the biggest concerns with a site like Pinterest is the copyright and trademark violation liabilities. When you pin content that doesn’t belong to you, you run the risk of infringing on the rights of that content. While some opt to tearfully delete their inspiration boards, others act more cautiously when utilizing the site. Post content you own the rights to or share content from others who own the rights.

Stay Relevant: Pinning photos that relate to your brand and are organized in the proper board is suggested. Random photos that aren’t relevant to the themes and topics on Pinterest may not fare as well. Stand a chance at getting your pins seen by tailoring them to the topics popular on Pinterest. These popular pins show on category pages that receive many more Pageviews and can result in traffic and expanded reach.

Optimize: A recent infographic put together by Pinnable business, illustrates the important optimization areas for your images in order to cater to Pinterest. From file naming to description length, each of these areas are important to understand and optimize. Additionally important is optimizing each pin description. Remember to add a call to action when applicable and you can even drop a link.

Become Pinteresting: Simply adding a few boards and pins to Pinterest aren’t going to cut it. Find ways to create your own niche on the site. Garner a following; get known as the expert in a specific niche or topic on Pinterest by sharing interesting content. (Image
Hashtags: Pinterest understands hashtags, so use them. Use categories or keywords as hashtags, or even joke around with them to add some humor just like on Twitter.
Add $: Remember, adding the “$” in front of a price will automatically add the pin to the Gifts section on Pinterest. When applicable, remember to add “$” to your pins.
Let us help you by putting a Pinerest button on your web site to encourage pining.

Contact us today and ramp up your marketing to higher sales!

Can we build a mobile site for you? Over 20% of all searches are now coming from iPhones & Smart Phones, don't miss out on this expanding business source!

AUTHOR: Scott Shabot

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Forest Travel Agency is Hiring a Marketing Internship

A Marketing Internship has opened up within our Forest Travel Marketing Department. We are
looking for someone who has a true passion to learn more about the marketing field.  If you are
energetic, pro-active and possess strong written and oral communication skills, you should
apply! You would be working closely with the Marketing Manager to assist her in day-to-day
tasks. For more information about our company visit our website –

Internship Responsibilities:
 Update content on our websites daily
 Contact hoteliers to obtain content/images
 Take part in financial analysis
 Run social media campaigns

Flexible depending on student’s schedule; however, we do require a minimum of 20 hours per
Required Skills/Qualifications:
 Marketing Major (Junior or Senior Status)
 Basic knowledge of business concepts
 Strong written and oral communication skills
 High Energy Level
 Proactive
 Creative
Bonus Skills/Qualifications:
 Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign
 Bilingual – Spanish and English
Forest Travel Agency – 2440 NE Miami Gardens Drive, Suite #107, N. Miami Beach, FL 33180
Contact Information
Name: Ashtine Rodriguez
Title: Marketing Manager
Phone : 305 932 5560 x105
Fax : 305 932 1520
Email :

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Miami Google AdWords Campaign Dollars

Is Your Business Ready To Reap The Internet Harvest?

There Are Thousands Of Google Searches
Each Month Looking For Your Products/Services

Are You Maximizing This Opportunity For Growth?
Run Google Ads for your products/services! - if your web site is not at the top of the first page for the key words your potential customers are using to search for your services/products run a Google Ad Words campaign.  On average 65% of all searches are done in the US via Google. The phone book, 411 and all other search engines cannot generate the traffic & business potential Google offers.

Over Christmas online retailers netted $5.57 in sales for each $1 spent on Google Ads!

Don't run a Google Ad without a landing page designed specifically for that ad!

Contact us today and receive $100 of FREE GOOGLE Ads

Go Mobile - this year 25% of Google searches will originate from iPhones & other smart phones. If you want to take advantage of this traffic, you need a mobile web site or mobile pages for your products/service and Google Ads!

Plus mobile pages will allow you to use QR Codes to drive more traffic to your site!

Maximize Your Email Broadcasts - the best emails are short & sweet and have:
  • links to your page which contains all the details on the product/service you are promoting in your email  
  • have a strong call to action
  • a video on the product/service you offer 
  • links to your Facebook & Twitter pages
  • your web site navigation bar

There are great digital opportunities waiting for your business and organization.

Google search traffic grows every day for your business. Don't miss out on these buyers.

Email every week, but don't sell all the time.

Use social media to build a relationship with your contacts, but don't sell all the time.

Take advantage of the explosion in mobile search.
Contact us today and ramp up your marketing to higher sales!
Listen to my digital insights!

Can we build you a site today?


Author: Scott Shabot

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Winning Digital Moves

3 Digital Home Runs!

1) Use an incentive to get email & Facebook signups - slightly more than half of businesses in a variety of industries provide incentives for consumers who sign up for marketing emails according to a study released today by GetResponse. The email marketing service provider also say that 40% of businesses offer email sign ups via their Facebook pages.

2) Go mobile - more consumers will access the Internate by mobile devices than by desktops or laptop computers by 2013 projects, mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley. She also projects that mobile commerce will account for for nearly 2% of US retails sales by late 2012. While the web will account for between 5 -6%.

3) Run Google Ads for your key words - if you are not at the top of the first page for the key words your potential customers are using to search for you, create a Google Ad Words campaign. Over the Christmas buying season for each $1 spent on Google Ad Words retailers generated $5.57 in sales!

There are great digital opportunities waiting for your business and organization. Google search traffic grows every day for your business. Don't miss out

Author: Scott Shabot

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hiring a Director of B2B Sales – Travel

The Director of B2B sales will be tasked to manage and grow the existing channels of distributions along with identifying new domestic and international resellers.

The successful candidate will have an extensive background in the travel industry, ability to lead a sales team and a proven track of success in account management, sales growth, margin management and business expansion.

The role will report directly to the Managing Director. Salary range 80K to 90K

Main responsibilities:

- Lead and manage the sales team to achieve the expansion goals
- Quantify and develop new opportunities within the existing customer base
- Identify and expand the customer base in different markets around the world (US, Brazil, Japan, China, France, etc.)
- Develop and manage commission plans, incentives and overrides
- Develop and manage sales operating budgets
- Build and manage client relationships
- Monitor the competitive landscape
- Manage sales pipeline and status reports as required
- Participate in product development process, and monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services
- Prepare regular weekly sales reports showing sales volume, potential sales, and areas of proposed client base expansion
- Represent Company at trade association meetings to promote products
- Identify world-wide trade fairs to attend and to resource
- Maintain a strong account team through optimum selection, training and development, and motivational techniques
- Continually optimize account management procedures within the department


- A minimum of 8+ years of experience in a similar role
- Proven ability to analyze data and historic information, to determine industry trends & opportunities
- Extensive background in travel industry and tourism
- Exceptional relationship management together with strong negotiating skills
- Superior presentation and written communication skills
- Outstanding analytical and strategic thinking skills
- Experience in managing and developing a multi language team
- Bachelor degree, MBA is a plus

Friday, February 3, 2012

Why You Should Email Every Week

Email provides a great ROI and is an excellent vehicle to stretch your marketing dollars. Building awareness of your products and services and keeping them "top of mind" is critical to sales. If consumers are thinking about your products and services you have a much better chance of selling them.

Just building a site does not guarantee trafic. A great traffic builder sits in your data base of contacts and customers emails.

Keys to successful emails are:
• Bold eye catching design
• Have some important interesting news which is relevant
• Key selling message
• Links to take action
• Incorporate your web site navigation bar
• Use the creative position and color pallete of your web site

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunny Sweeney - From A Table Away - Rap Cover by Eddie Millz

This video was uploaded by EddieMillz on Dec 31, 2011 to YouTube

I bet you'd never guess, who I saw tonight
Total surprise, in the low dim lights
Thought of the lies, when I saw ya eyes
From a table away, when I heard you say
How much you love him, no delay
Broken homes what you portrayed
Memories come, like I hit replay
You said, you'd leave, him
Saying you dont need, him
Now I dont believe, it
Now I see that He is
not what you described
Whenever you talked bout you and I
Wearing the ring that you always hide
Seem like yall are doing fine

twitter: @EddieMillzMiA

Sunny Sweeney:

twitter: @gettinsweenered