Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Three Pillars of SEO

Have your ever wondered how SEO works? In order to fully understand how you can end up on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords you need to learn about the foundation of Search Engine Optimization. Jeff Zelaya in this video cover the three pillars of Search marketing that lay out the strategy for you to win.

Monday, October 17, 2011

MediaWhiz is Hiring a PPC Strategist - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Position Title: PPC Strategist
Location: FT Lauderdale, FL

The Strategist is responsible for overall performance of client’s campaigns in paid search. This includes applying their expert knowledge in PPC to drive client results on a CPA, ROI, ROAS. The Strategist leads ongoing campaign optimization and analysis to drive improvement and growth. They are experts in use of MediaWhiz’s technology platforms and tools as well as best practices of paid search. Additionally, they work in collaboration with the SEO Strategists and other discipline leads (ex: Display, Email, etc.) to ensure that learnings from other channels are leveraged to improve performance.

Strategists lead the definition of goals for campaigns collaboratively with clients, Account Manager, and Operations Manager. They are also prepared with data throughout the lifecycle of the account to direct clients and the team on changes to goals and associate actions.

The Strategist develops optimization plans and long term strategy and test plans based on consistent analysis of campaigns. They utilize hands-on optimization daily and also request optimization and production resources (through collaboration with the Operations Manager) to ensure all tasks related to campaign performance are executed properly and with consideration of client goals.


• Develop strategic client initiatives (accomplished and planned) with Account Manager
• Communicate daily with Account Manager and Operations Manager to understand client goals/objectives, critical requirements, and key campaign metrics/targets
• Collaborate and receive direction from GM, Search Marketing regarding best practices, insights, and methods that will drive maximum campaign improvement and growth
• Set up all engine accounts and facilitate account transitions
• Develop initial optimization plans for clients and modify based on data, goals and status
• Develop templates and request reports from AM and OM (including custom) that can drive key findings/opportunity analysis (ex: geo, time of day, trends, conversion latency, etc.)
• Identify optimizations tasks and collaborate with Operations Manager to ensure proper development and implementation (ex: keyword expansions, re-orgs, ad copy etc.)
• Lead weekly internal optimization/strategy meetings along with AM/OM with any/all staff handling optimization tasks
• Partner with Account Manager and GM, Search Marketing on development of client presentations and quarterly client meeting deliverables
• Coordinate with internal MediaWhiz Teams (Media, Creative, Technical, etc.) on pitches and strategic initiatives


• 3+ years of PPC management
• Strong skill set in Google Adwords including content and retargeting
• Preferably has experience with Marin Software and/or other bid management platforms
• Experience managing spend of at least 30k/month
• Conducted campaigns focused on hard metrics, i.e. CPA, ROAS, etc
• Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office products – Word, Excel, & PowerPoint

Since 2001 Media Whiz has been redefining performance marketing with our customer acquisition services: Lead Generation, Lead Management, Affiliate Management, Email Marketing, Search Marketing and Display Advertising. Our sole mission is to drive results. And then continuously improve them. Our comprehensive array of online marketing services and our talented team of experts give us the freedom and ability to develop the most effective customer acquisition programs possible to achieve your specific goals.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can-am "Black and Yellow" Spyder

This past weekend I got a chance to take the Can-Am Spyder for a ride. Loved it! This ride is a monster with lots of power and speed. Remember that the handling of the Can-Am is much different than a regular motorcycle. Riding long distances is very comfortable because your feet don't have to touch the floor. There is also plenty of room in the back for a second rider. The Black and Yellow colors are reminiscent of the Wiz Kalifa song. If you're hanging around the Miami area be on the lookout you might see me pull up next to your ride on the Spyder.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Florida International University Blog

Florida International University (commonly referred to as FIU) is a University in Miami, Florida, in the United States, with its main campus in Modesto Madique. FIU was founded in 1965 and offers nearly 200 programs of study in 26 colleges and schools. FIU offers many graduate programs, including world renoweked programs in business administration. FIU awards close to 3,000 graduate and professional degrees annually. Every year at commencement top students are selected to be honored at graduation as a “Worlds Ahead Graduate”. FIU Business has many top students and top organizations.

The FIU American Marketing Association currently ranks #1 in the country. A FIU Alum also received first place in the National Sales Competition beating out over 100 other colleges and universities.

FIU is the 4th-largest university in Florida and the largest in South Florida.

Check out the Florida International University Blog for more.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FIU Career Fair at Modesto Madique Campus

Are you looking for a job in marketing or business? Maybe you're interested in working for the Government? Maybe you just plain need a career. If this is you then you should come out to Florida International University for this huge career fair. This event is open to all FIU students and Alum. Location will be at Modesto Madique campus: FIU Address

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good Times at the MediaWhiz Fort Lauderdale Office

The MediaWhiz knows how to have fun. Here's a silly little toy that one of our team's developers brought in. This remote controlled shark caused quite a stir at our office. Check out the video and leave your thoughts on the comments below.

Also, if you know anyone that's looking for a career in online marketing, social media or advertising please reach out to me so that I can connect you with some key people.

Contact Info

Monday, August 22, 2011


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini-Movie Creates Video Resumes for South Florida's College Students

Sign up now at Mini-Movie info

This is the future of video resumes. Tailor this video with a strong social media and online personal brand presence and you will become unstoppable. Everyone is going to want to hire you.

Shoots are not available in Miami, Pembroke Pines, North Miami, Downtown Miami and all of the South Florida area. Book your spot today by emailing Jeff HERE 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miami LinkedIn Expert and Motivational Speaker - Jeff Zelaya's Interview

Meet South Florida: Jeff Zelaya 7.17.11 from Meet South Florida on Vimeo.

Miami Social Media Consultant Jeff Zelaya is featured in the Local Meet South Florida Website. He is interviewed by Agustina Prigoshin. He takes the time to answer questions about LinkedIn as well as share some of his best tips on how to leverage LinkedIn for results.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rivvid Keeps Users Engaged Thru Online Video Games

Looking for social media marketing ideas? Well, have you heard of distracted driving? You might have not heard of it but I’m sure you caught yourself or someone else doing it. There are three main types of distracted driving.  Visually distracted is when you take your eyes off the road. Manual is when you physically take your hands off the wheel and Cognitive is when your mind is off what you are doing. Have you have ever texted and driven or witnessed someone texting and driving?  Chances are that they were doing all three. 

In order to demonstrate the harmful effects that texting can have on your driving skills, Rivvid is a social gaming website, that created a free online game that simulated what it would be like to text while driving. The object of the game was to test your attention span while watching video trivia and at the same time reply to an online phone sending you text messages.  Playing the game you see how easy it is to be distracted. Individuals who played the game were very likely to share their scores and compete against each other. Not only were these users learning a very important lesson, it motivated people to share with their friends - making it a powerful social media tool.

This game from a strategic advertising strategy perspective, acts as an intelligent product placement vehicle for companies to strategically inject their brands as part of the video trivia content. State Farm, Purina Mills, and several local businesses in the Tampa area caught wind of this game when a local Tampa orthodontist decided to leverage this platform, as a white label solution, to raise awareness about his concern with texting and driving within his community. The local orthodontist engaged with his fans via Facebook in talking about this platform, receiving feedback, watching how they shared with their friends and achieved over 1000% increase in feedback, interactions, and Facebook likes. The media caught wind of his campaigning and appeared in the local news, front cover of a magazine, and all the buzz surrounding this campaign were all due to using a social gaming tool to give reason for people to buzz about.

Customer engagement remains high since many users who play one game on the Rivvid Network also tend to play others. Brand integration is possible by positioning your brand as the "sponsor" of those quizzes or create a video trivia question in between game play so the consumer feels your brand's message is part of the gaming process. What's great about this is that there is no need for commercials, because the consumer is answering your video trivia question and naturally feels it's part of the game play! 

I can share with you Rivvid's demographic profiles and which age group are attracted to which game so you can maximize your media buying purchase power and calculate a phenomonal return on investment based on a TRUE ENGAGEMENT MODELYou are welcome to contact me so I can help you develop a seamless strategic internet marketing strategy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Questions to Ask Your Next Social Media Consultant

1) What kind of experience do they have?

2) Have they been able to do what they say they can do for you for themselves?

3) What kind of testimonials or recommendations can they offer?

4) How do they measure ROI?

5) What kind of research do they need to do before giving you a quote?

6) What kind of results have they achieved for other clients?

7) What kind of partners do they work with in the online space?

These are a couple of the qualifying questions that you can ask when shopping around for your social media consultant.

For a well qualified social media consultant check out this site.

Don't end up with a space cadet.

This post is thanks to the kind generosity of HOW TO MAKE MONEY

Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Online Marketing Consultation

We do everything from Internet Marketing to Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing and all other forms of online marketing. The marketing experience that we create will be engaging and will reach and persuade the right consumers at the right time and the right place.

Contact us today for your free online marketing consultation.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Miami Social Media Consultant

If you are looking for Broward County and Miami-Dade County's best social media consultant then you have come to the right place. We will help you tackle all of your social media and online marketing needs. We also do public speaking and social media training.