Friday, June 29, 2012

Social Media Consultant and Speaker

Looking for a social media consultant or social media speaker? Check out this short video below highlighting one of Miami's top social media trainers. In the video is only a short list of the engagements that he has done this year. For more information visit: Social Media Speaker Website If you represent a college or a university you should also check out Social Media for Students.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Keep it Simple Stupid

Having so many options in digital strategy & execution often means we falsely confuse the richness of a program or campaign with complexity, & in doing so lose the focus that will help us move our business goals forward.

Simple in most things is usually better, and digital strategy is no exception. Apply the KISS Principle!

The rule of three is a good one too. If a digital element does not satisfy one (or more) of these three primary goals then you should strongly question why it is included in your plan.
  • Selling something or moving the user closer to the sale.
  • Building something or creating future opportunities with that user including building trust or engagement and growing remarketing platforms.
  • Learning something, gaining insights, or testing an approach or hypothesis

What We Do!
  • Sell With Google Ads
  • Create a custom web site, don't use a cookie cutter inexpensive solution.
  • Your web site sets the tone & builds your brand identity - make sure it is world class!
  • Custom web site options:
  • 20 page WordPress site with a Content Management System (CMS)- $2,500.
  • 20 page HTML site without CMS - $1,800 
  • 5 page HTML mini-web site $600
See our sites in action! 
Every day the Internet & digital marketing plays a greater role in everyone's business success.

Learn how to drive traffic & sales with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!

Be sure you are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities the Internet provides you!

Make your marketing great!

Contact Scott Shabot at SAS Digital

Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 Goals To For Your Social Media Efforts

6 Goals To For Your Social Media Efforts

In just a short time, social media has become a fascinating mainstay in our lives. Popular platforms have rapidly grown to hundreds of millions of users, and the adoption of social media platforms has no end in sight. 
This social media “revolution” has changed the traditional business monologue into a two-way dialogue with customers and prospects. 
Social media:
  • Allows companies & brands to learn more about their target audience easier and for less cost.
  • Levels the playing field, now you can have a better social media program then a Fortune 500 company.
  • Provides cost-effective communications in comparison to traditional marketing avenues. 
  • Emphasizes great content, allowing companies to attract fans, followers and new customers based on their services, products and how they present themselves.
  • Leverages the importance, value and relevancy of real time, immediate communications.
  • Generates more exposure and potential for awareness compared to other marketing programs due to its "viral" nature.
What this means is that if you embrace social media channels to reach customers and prospects the potential for business growth is limitless. 
There are 6 social media goals you should shoot for!
2. Making Customer Service Personal with Social Media 
3. Adding Events to Social Media Programs 
4. Adding Social Media to Product Introductions 
5. Embracing Social Media to Build Your Sales Pipeline 
6. Activating Your Community to Take Action
If you would like to meet and discuss how to use social media to build your business and discuss a tactical overview of your social media potential please contact me.

Best social media moves!


Source: Scott Shabot

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miami Heat Memes

Miami Heat Meme - Good Job Good Effort
Good Job is Wade, Good Effort is Lebron
Check out these hilarious MIAMI HEAT MEMES

Are you rooting for the Heat? Do you think they can take on the Celtics? It's looking really tough right now and they might not be able to pull a victory. But at least we'll be able to have a good laugh about this a couple of years later. Will Lebron stay? Will Wade be traded? Will Bosh get a part in Jurassic Park?

We might never know! But what we do know is that they are the funniest Miami Heat Memes that we've seen this week. If there was an Eastern Conference Meme Finals then the Heat would definitely sweep it. You can put a ring on it!