Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Tips for Better Facebook Ad Performance

Advertisers no longer question, (accept GM), “should I run Facebook ads?” But instead they ask, “How can I run successful Facebook ads?” As advertisers experiment with Facebook ads, here are some proven techniques to improve ad performance:
1) Take Advantage of Targeting by Gender or Location Use all targeting options available to you – this will control costs Targeted ads will help you evaluate results as well as improve conversions
2) Refresh Facebook Ad Creatives 2-3 Times Per Week Ad Fatigue occurs much faster on Facebook vs. other paid channels Refreshing your ad will increase clicks and bring new users to your landing page
Figure 1: clicks have declined over a period of 2 weeks due to ad fatigue

3) Keep Your Ad Creatives Simple Make sure your ad is easy to read with simple language. Do not try to fit every detail into the ad – just the most compelling aspects of your product or special Use Facebook language-such as “like”, “fans”, and “comment” to encourage engagement with your ads

4) Landing pages Your ad should direct users to the most relevant landing page. Make sure to include the specific information that you mentioned in the ad for an increase in conversions

5) Evaluate your campaign performance Use Facebook and Google Analytics to track and evaluate your campaign performance Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is a particularly good indicator of how well your ads are doing We have extensive experience and can help you create a Facebook campaign that will drive awareness and generate sales. Imagine if your page had 5,000+ people following it and how you could grow your business by posting for FREE!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Are You Pinteresting? 6 Points to Remember

Although Pinterest is two years old, it leapt to popularity this year as people flocked to the site and the media took notice. Meanwhile, many figured out that Pinterest pin boards mean publicity and, in some cases, dollars.

But there are probably a few things you still don’t know about the new social media darling, such as:

1. Mostly female users, but …

Pinterest has a reputation for its mostly female population, and for the most part it’s true. However, it’s not as skewed as you might think. While one study said the site is almost 90 percent women,another study showed that the percentages were closer to 70 percent women, 30 percent men. It’s not 50/50, but there are still a number of men visiting the site. It shows there’s definitely a huge market on Pinterest.

2. Time on site is loooong

Facebook has the market cornered on visits, but there’s one area where Pinterest has it beat: time spent on the site. The average Facebook user spends 12 minutes checking out what their friends are doing. On Pinterest, it’s up to almost 16 minutes, just behind YouTube at 16.5 minutes. Part of the reason for Pinterest long time on site is likely due to the ease of its mobile version, where you can just scroll … and scroll … and scroll …

3. Growth from the Midwest

While we normally associate tech growth with an area such as California or New York, Pinterest’s growth can be attributed to the Midwest. From there it swiftly spread to across the country. Goes to show that if you capture the Heartland, you’ve got the nation’s heart.

4. It actively discourages self promotion

Businesses looking to send traffic to their stores and websites are faced with a problem: Pinterest etiquette dictates that users don’t self-promote. As a result, it’s forced many businesses to return to the drawing board and determine how to shift people from Pinterest to the checkout line without crossing the imaginary promotion border. The key is to keep it simple, light, and fun, just like the website itself.

5. It’s No. 3

Pinterest is now the third most popular social media site on the Internet, behind Facebook and Twitter. Not No. 3 among women, or No. 3 with Etsy sellers—it’s No. 3 overall. In March alone, when the site’s meteoric rise began to plateau, it still boasted more than 104 million visitors, with Twitter getting 182 million and LinkedIn coming in at No. 4 with 86 million.

6. You cannot pin from the iPhone app

The Pinterest iPhone app only allows you to view the boards, you cannot pin. However the paid app for iPads does allow you to pin. Pins look super on the iPad with its great screen.